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Test our Web Conference online now by following these steps. It's free, and no registration is required:

  1. Read this login information: Before entering the conference please read these steps so you will know what to do.
    This software was designed only for Internet Explorer. (In case you use a different browser, copy and paste the link into IE.) When you enter the conference room, you will be prompted to install a small Java applet (about 6mb). Watch for your IE popup blocker - unblock it for this url, this will self install.
  2. Click on this Link : Enter WebIncome test Conference now
    For Conference name type : test
    For Password type: test
    For My Name type in your name.
    The application will now open and you can begin using it. Two users per test only.
  3. What you need for a conference: a good Internet connection - the faster the better;, a headset for your audio; and video cam (not required, but good if you want to test the video too). A note on the headset : if you do not have a headset, you can use your regular mic if you have it embedded in your PC and your speakers. For regular use, you will want a good headset.
  4. If you like what you see and want to learn more about web conferences, contact WebIncome for more information: Contact WebIncome     Please give us as much details as you can about your web conference application needs and how many users you need.

Overview of Web Conferencing tool:

From the Web Conference front page, you can explore the toolbar to see what functions are available to you. You can share your desktop with other participants, send documents, use a white board for diagramming and explaining, plus you can record your session for later playback. With a web cam on your computer, you can let other meeting participants see who you are; with a headset and microphone you can talk to everyone in the group. This web conference includes an instant messenger plus a private messaging tool.

You can contact us to set up a private meeting room for you to test free for 15 days.

Privacy Policy: WebIncome respects your privacy. By logging in to this demo, you are not going to be added to any kind of email or distribution lists. We are not collecting your data to spam you later. So relax and enjoy exploring this free ASP web conference demonstration.

Imagine you have sales representatives in Los Angeles, Bucharest, Tokyo and London. Consider that you need to have them all meet to discuss the latest product lines added and review last quarter results - can you afford to fly them all to the home office in Seattle? Think of the productivity lost through travel time, money spent on tickets and hotels and meals - it adds up. However, there is a way to gather everyone into a conference room and have that important meeting without involving airlines, hotels or restaurants - web conferencing.

Interactive, web-based conferencing offers you the chance to offer or attend live seminars, sales meetings, training sessions, product launches, demonstrations and briefings in a virtual auditorium without leaving your desk and without traveling. They're informative, they're easy and they're cost-effective. It doesn't matter where in the world your attendees are - if they have access to a computer and the Internet, they can participate in your meeting. (Need to coordinate meeting times? Here is a
time zone converter to help you.)

WebIncome will help you to set up and conduct web conferences so you can save time and money, and increase productivity, while conducting the meetings you need to keep communications flowing in your business. Contact us for information on web conferencing.  


Web Conference : Facing limited time and budget for conferences and seminars? We have the perfect solution: Web conferences.



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