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e -Commerce: WebIncome can help you turn an online venture into an online success with innovative merchandising tools, comprehensive commerce capabilities, and other industry-leading features that grow with your business.
WebIncome uses several e-commerce packages to help small to large businesses manage their online stores, merchandise and transactions. Miva, TalentSoft and OSCommerce (an Open Source application) give you flexibility in the options you choose and with the costs involved. With these options, you can create an online store or commerce-enable your existing site. Each of these e-commerce packages operates using databases for your information; this means that if one package does not have all the functionality you need, we can move your database to another package that has what you need.

We will guide you through the entire process of creating your store click-by-click. Accepting credit cards online is easy and efficient also.

Contact us for a quote. You decide how you want to work, and we are here to help! 

Just getting started in e-commerce? We can help you.

Here are the basic steps to get you on your way to running a successful online store, after your website has been built (see our Web Design page for more details on building websites):

1. Set up your product/merchandise catalog – WebIncome provides Miva Merchant shopping cart software, so you can have a professional online catalog to showcase your products.

(getting started, continued)

2. Provide a Secure Shopping Environment – Your customers need peace of mind that their payment information is secure. Plus, you want to be recognized as a legitimate online business, to build trust with your customer base. Our e-commerce plans allow you to integrate SSL encryption onto your Web site.

3. Marketing – Once you have your store built, marketing your products and services is the next step. WebIncome has been very successful in search engine submission, which you will need to help your customers easily find you. Visit our promotion page for more details.A powerful, easy-to-create storefront -- take credit cards online too.

4. Online Payment Processing – You will want your customers to be able to pay online using credit cards. Our software allows you to accept online payment. Remember, though - to accept credit cards online you will also need a merchant account. This allows customers to buy directly from your site, and allows merchants to easily authorize, process and manage online transactions. Some customers prefer to use PayPal as their credit card processor; and WebIncome’s e-commerce hosting supports the use of this third-party tool.

e -Commerce
Why use e-commerce?
  •   Make it easier for customers to do business with you by automating the day to day processes they perform with you.
  •   Reduce operating expenses by reducing order errors and processing costs, while improving inventory control.
  •   Get closer to customers and selling partners by making it easier for them to do business with you and integrating selling partners into the e-commerce process.

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