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Internet & Telephony : The Internet is here to stay. Many communications now and in the future use the Internet as infrastructure. Think - "Free Phone Calls" from your computer, for a start. WebIncome can show you some great telephony applications that are appropriate for business and personal use.  
The major problems with telephony now ( August 2004 ) are that a) phone service is a strict monopoly, under state and federal regulations and control, and b) it is a primitive technology.

Using the Internet infrastructure to deliver voice (Voice over IP, or "VoIP") gives you some big advantages over using "standard" telephony options.

WebIncome has been testing and using Internet telephony for 5 years now. We have tried many applications and tools, and done hours of research - we are here to help you get set up and make use of this valuable technology for your business.
Advantages to using the Internet as a telephone:

Lower cost. Have you examined your phone bill lately? What percentage of your bill is for actual services, and what percentage is for taxes and fees? In one example, the basic rate for the telephone was $14.95 per month; the taxes added to the bill were $13.75 per month. Calling from your PC to another PC in your network does not usually cost you anything. Security. Any telephone, cell phones in particular, can be tapped and your calls monitored. You may think that's just the stuff of spy movies - but what if your competitor wanted to gather some sensitive information about your next quarter plans? A few overheard phone calls could give them an edge. However, some Internet telephony networks (
Skype, for example) use their own encryption to safeguard your calls and keep your sensitive information secure. The only sound an eavesdropper will hear is "bzzzzzzzz."

Unlimited talk time. With PC to PC phone calling, you have unmetered talk time (remember free speech? We still have hope...) There are no limits to how long you can talk, or where you can call. If you have offices in different states, or even in different countries, Internet telephony can keep you in contact without having to monitor how many minutes you have available. All you need is for your employees to have Internet access at their PC's and have a tool like Skype or Viper Networks installed. Then they are able to make calls as needed, not as dictated by the budget.

Easy to use. You don't need to be a computer whiz to make use of a computer phone system. You need a computer with a sound card and Internet access (high speed access is preferable but not mandatory. The higher speed provides better sound quality.) Plus you need either speakers and a microphone, or a headset with a microphone (preferred.) Install the software and you're ready to talk to other users in the network - like other employees in different locations either in the same country or internationally. There is a move in the industry (VoIP) to set standards so in future, different network users can call each other.
Webincome encourages our customers to try Internet telephony solutions - this can give you more freedom for your communications.

We currently recommend these applications:

Skype -

Viper Networks -










Internet & Telephony :     Do you want privacy and security for your phone calls to business partners? Internet telephony has excellent encryption options to protect your calls from unauthorized listeners.

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