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CPA - Cross Platform Access :

Now it's a snap to Web-enable existing applications for seamless, cross-platform access from any device over any connection - no strings attached. Contact WebIncome to find out how we can do this for you.'s team of sales professionals will help you bring your Windows, UNIX or Linux software to the Web without code rewrites and without complex, restrictive third-party add-ons. It is the fast, simple and affordable way to instantly publish or Web-enable your applications.

The Access Suite application server software enables server-based, centralized and mobile computing for a distributed computing environment. It facilitates remote access application servers, mobile computing and workforce mobility solutions for remote office access, business continuity, and centralized application management and deployment. The presentation server based computing software for Windows, Web and Linux environments makes centralized computing easy, while the secure access manager provides a better enterprise software solution alternative to Intranets, Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) and Enterprise Information Portals (EIPs).

Don't limit yourself to one computing environment - contact WebIncome to find out how we can set you up to make use of Windows and Linux software applications.

On Security: Everybody in these days talks about security (desktop and server). Many invest in technologies like firewalls and other similar technologies,  but the intrusion often comes through the desktop via email or browsers. So the intruders are coming in the "back door" via the inside computer programs they will use "front door".

Some simple solutions we have found to protect your company from intrusion are :
1. Use Linux, with Firefox  as your main browser. Our testing has found that many intrusions are possible via Internet Explorer, but we found zero penetration via Firefox. 
There is a simple issue with using Linux as your desktop environment -   much of the software you run currently is Windows based only. However, on computers where the primary uses are writing documents, sending and receiving email, and using a browser, these are easily migrated to Linux and open source applications. For writing documents, you can use For email, use Thunderbird - this has a very good filter system that will help to reduce your company's vulnerability to viruses and Trojans as well as the annoyance and cost of spam.  The Firefox browser is gaining in popularity and is easy to use.  There are many open source applications available (for free) that will allow you to migrate from a Windows environment to Linux - it takes just a little searching and experimentation to find great open source applications for your company. We encourage you and your IT to use open source and help via donations  this community of wonderful and dedicated developers.

Another issue with using Linux is based on mind-set for IT people. Many are simply heavily invested or hooked on the "other OS" and are unwilling to try Linux. Now they need to be more adventurous and learn how to protect the company with both internal security and with expenses.

2. You can set up 1 Windows computer in your organization that many people can have access to, using the CPA applications or simple  VNC. This gives you more control over which Windows applications are installed, which can reduce your costs and reduce your exposure to security breaches. If you have most desktops set up to run Linux with Firefox as a browser and Thunderbird as the email application, then you can have many people accessing the 1 Windows computer for applications that you can not yet find in open source.  We can give you some ideas on how to create a such a network. This solution will cut your expenses and work load on fixing many of the "viruses" you get.

3. Another solution is to install both OS (Windows and Linux) on the same computer using program to access either OS.  This way you can use Linux most of the time or email, browsing and document writing, then switch to the Windows to use other applications. Again, you get the strong security of Linux and the familiarity of Windows applications all on the same computer. 

Any of these solutions (and other potential solutions) will have advantages and disadvantages - it is up to you and your IT to test and implement what works best in your environment. WebIncome is here to help you explore.


CPA - Cross Platform Access :

Are you heavily invested in Windows applications, but want to migrate to Linux for better security? CPA (Cross Platform Access) allows you to use any application, from anywhere. Check it out.



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