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Other Tools & Applications:
Webincome's great relationships with our clients are based on long term commitments from both sides. We are not looking for short term clients - we want to be a partner in your success for years to come. To keep this commitment alive, we actively follow the business needs of our clients and continually research new tools and applications to help our hosting customers to get the best from the Internet.

We know that you are busy running your business. You don't have much time to searcj for good Internet tools, even knowing they can help your profitability and productivity. We decided to help our customers by doing the research, locating good tools and setting up some demos for you.

A promising new application is Graphon. It is a software program that allows you access to other software in your organization at a fixed location. Here is an example.

Assume that in your company, there are 100 people and all of them use Software A. You need to purchase 100 individual licenses for that software, even though at any given time, only about 20 people are using it. And some of your employees need to have Software A on their home PCs and their laptops, so you need 20 more individual licenses. You can do the math on how much that will cost (including the need to install the software on each of the 120 desktops, and maintaining the updates.) Pretty pricey ...

Here is a better scenario. What if you could buy 20 concurrent licenses for Software A, install and maintain it on one computer (a “server”) and give your employees access to the software on the central server? Now, instead of paying for 120 licenses, you pay for 20. Instead of buying 120 updates, you pay for 20. Instead of updating 120 computers, you update the 1 server. Starting to sound pretty cost-effective, isn't it?

Graphon lets you do just that - install an application on a server locally, on your network, or at a provider (like WebIncome) on the Internet. All of your employees can access it, from the office, home or on their laptops.

Here is another scenario. What if you are tired of using that OS that keeps attracting viruses and trojans, but you don't think you have a choice since you are heavily invested in all the software that runs on it? You do have a choice...

Industry analysts have predicted that with the Linux OS raturing rapidly, it will be ready to go head-to-head with Windows on corporate desktops within two years. But you've invested so much money in Windows software - won't it be too expensive to even think about migrating to Linux? Many who would consider migrating will avoid it just for this reason.

But with Graphon, you don't have to scrap all your old software and buy all new. Remember, Linux is Open Source - you don't need to buy the OS, you just need to download it. You don't need to buy all new software - Open Source software is freely downloaded from the Internet. Starting to think migration is possible? Read on ...

You set up one server (or have it available from a provider like WebIncome via the Internet) with all of the licensed, non-Open Source software that you want to have available to your employees (remember, you can buy a few concurrent licenses, rather than one for every potential user.) You install Linux or other Open Source OS (remember, Open Source OS's and software are not licensed, you can download them for free) on everyone's desktop computers plus install a browser on each desktop computer. Via the browser on their desktop computers, your employees can access the software on the server (or on the Internet), plus they can have Open Source applications installed on their individual desktops.

This is the good part - you save money on the OS, you save money on software licenses, you save on the updating the individual computers, and you are no longer exposed to the viruses, trojans and other malicious software from the "other" OS.

So in the end, you are the winner, not the software companies.

These applications will help your organization manage: sales, business processes, and projects. All of these applications work on the Internet, they are not installed on individual computers (just on our servers.) The only things you need to use these tools are Internet access and a browser. So you can access any of these tools from any location you have Internet access - you are not restricted to working only at a desk in your office.

Here are some applications we are working now to have on the server, ready to be used by our hosting customers :

1.Web conferencing - Simply put, you can have your meetings on the Internet, reducing your need to travel. ( Just a note about traffic jams: which states, "Snarled traffic is costing travelers in the 85 biggest U.S. cities a whopping 3.5 billion hours a year, up from 700 million two decades ago.” )
Help is on the way: Internet meetings and presentations, and of course working at home using Internet tools to increase communication and productivity.
We can show you an on line demo by your request, just full the contact form and we will contact you.

2. Project management - Track multiple projects, know who is assigned to which task and when they are due, understand roadblocks, share calendars and communications using this tool. It is customizable and has additional
functionality available. – the link for the demo is:  ( use demo as user name and password) 
Second project is under this link
We can show you how this works  upon your request, just full the contact form and we will contact you.

3. Business process management ( BPM ) - Follow the business logic for your organization and have easy access to the processes. Keep track of who is supposed to be where. The link for the demo is: under dev.

4. Client Relationship Management (CRM) - Manage leads and followups for the sales segment of your business. Extensive lead management helps track the life of every call and contact.:
SugarCRM on line demo - click on this link :  - demo ( use :  demo  / demo for user name and password )

More Applications to come visit this page from time to time or fill the contact form with the application you have in mind to use for your company.

All of these applications are Open Source. Webincome's plan is simple: support the Open Source community in two ways: actively participate in the development of the programs, support development for these programs financially, and encourage our customers to be active users of Open Source.









Other Tools & Applications:
What else do you want from your Web site? More customers? More application choices to solve your business problems? Better communication among your employees? Talk to us about what you need and we will research Internet solutions to get you where you want to go.

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