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Video/Audio: These components are valuable additions to your website. You can offer customer or employee training, product descriptions and features, event videos or any other promotional materials. People retain more information when they can see it, hear it and read it.

Live webcasts for customer support. Web seminars (webinars) for annual company reports or technical training. Panoramic views of a vacation destination. 360-degree views of an outstanding construction project. Reading exerpts from your company publication. These are just a very few examples of ways you can implement video and audio components to enhance your web site’s value with your visitors. WebIncome has the tools and the expertise to help you add movement and sound to your site.

Consider building interactive presentations with video and sound to liven up an online sales document. Use web cams to show visitors what the view is like from your company office (great if you work by the beach!) Capture video from conventions or trade shows for a vivid report. Let us work with you on some great ideas for making your site more exciting and valuable for your visitors, who you want to become customers.

Action :
Isn’t that what catches your eye and makes you remember a product, a place or an event? Make your site stand out and offer value to your visitors with sound and action. Ask us how we can help you integrate video and audio into your site 

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