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About CRM : Client Relationship Management - Manage leads and followups for the sales segment of your business. Extensive lead management helps track the life of every call and contact. With help from WebIncome and CRM, you can enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty by leveraging knowledge and delivering answers to customers' questions via self- and assisted service communication channels.

CRM is a type of web application - this means that we install a CRM product on our server for you to use. You then have access via any Internet browser to view, update and manage your data. The advantages? It is:

  • Easy
  • Affordable
  • Very mobile
  • Case customer information is a key resource and asset for the 21st century company. However, in far too many organizations is an overlooked or underused asset. The business case for better use is clear and growing though:

  • Greatly improve the quality of company reporting to shareholders on non-financial as well as financial risk.
  • Improve market adaptability and speed of decision making
  • A platform for innovation, to improve revenue, increase company assets and reduce costs, particularly growing transaction costs - what product manager or service designer does not need to know more about what the customer wants?
  • Create a culture with strong customer focus, through improved knowledge, skills and measures.
  • Create better collaboration with employees, partners, outsourcers, customers, shareholders and the community, through goal alignment and improved interactions.
  • Deploy CRM to drive your sales force automation, customer service & support, and marketing.

    There is no better way to see if a product meets requirements than to see how it works with specific applications. WebIncome offers several different CRM applications available for you to try out and use:

    1. SugarCRM on line demo - click on this link :  - demo( use : demo / demo for user name and password )See the application site at

    Why CRM :
    Customer information is a key resource and asset for the 21st century company. You collect it - now what can you do with it? Streamline your order processing and Point-of-Sales (POS) customer commerce and care, provide customer service and manage distribution networks.

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