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Membership Form for Advertising Agencies
Advertising  Agencies

On the Internet, users will always have a choice. Webincome.com's co-branded or private label, free dial-up Internet access and enriched content package enables you to deliver the ultimate, personal on-line experience to attract and retain users. Our
integrated business and premium advertising solutions are designed to help you build your user base, improve your revenue
potential, and drive more traffic to your web site. Webincome.com's program, value-added services and targeted advertising. As a solutions integrator, Webincome.com leverages your existing partnerships and can easily incorporate your technology and value-added features with our programs.

Problem # 1: Broadband's Limited Reach By 2002, 75% of Internet users will still be using a "narrowband"  dial-up connection to connect to the Internet. So, while  broadband technologies may be more effective at building brand 
awareness and yielding higher click through rates for advertisers,  its reach is limited. Companies are attempting to use streaming  technologies to deliver rich media advertisements over slower  dial-up connections. This strategy is ineffective because it impacts  a user's bandwidth and forces him/her to wait for the ad to buffer.
The Webincome.com solution: Broadband Capabilities  . We have the technology that allows rich content in motion to be delivered to the users.

Problem # 2: Cookie-based Tracking Standard Internet advertising relies on cookie-based tracking, 
which is unique to a web browser rather than an individual.

The Webincome.com solution: Defining True Targeting Where standard Internet advertising fails, Webincome.com pushes 
ahead. Every user is required to complete a demographic profile  when registering for our partner's free Internet service. Since users  log-in and are authenticated by our server, Webincome.com can  target relevant advertisements to specific demographics regardless of which computer or browser a user is using. To  ensure privacy, all information is completely confidential and revealed to advertisers only in aggregate form.  

Problem # 3: Inaccurate Ad Reporting With standard web based advertising, users have to wait for ads to 
load before they can view them. Usually by the time an ad is  displayed, a user has found the information that he/she is looking 
for and is on to another web page. Therefore, your ad may never be viewed by a user but is still tracked as an impression.

The Webincome.com solution:  Impressions On and Off-line desktop software displays your advertisement for  a minimum of 15 seconds in a web site. Ads can also be triggered by a new  web page load, rather than a timed viewing. Many users do not  click on banner ads simply because they do not want to be  distracted from their current task. To help your ad get noticed, we provide a forward and back button on the desktop software design that  permits users to navigate freely between previously viewed  advertisements. Therefore, your ad is accessible even after it has  been displayed.

The Internet: Ahhhh, finally a medium that enables you to get one-to-one with each individual in your target audience. A medium that bolsters true interactivity, relationship building and unmatched target ability. A marketer's dream, one might say.

Advertising  Agencies can email to : cheri@webincome.com

Membership Form for Advertising Agencies