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About Webincome

Webincome start working on Internet in early 1994, Southern California. In all this years Webincome accumulate more knowledge of Internet and see the potential of this Networking and the potential problems with the Internet as a communication , information,  B2B and e-commerce.

One year after we start working in Internet we got an idea " what about the Internet access price when the speed of Internet will grow ", this was a little spark in his mind and from there other ideas came in and finally in few months start to show other business associates and private persons how he sees the solution for this problem and the solution was : Free Internet Access. Now other issues were in that time: if the Internet will grow? ;  in 1999 we see that is not a problem and the Network maintain one of the fastest increase in the history of information. The number of Internet users   is now  more than  248 million world wide. Webincome see this will grow to a least 1/2 billion in the time frame 2002-2005* and from there will still grow. In the same time frame the Electronic Transaction via Internet will go to more than $1 Trillion per year, and many companies will receive from 30%-80% of their gross income via  Internet communication.

Now every person in the world and any business will take their steps to be familiar with how this network works and they will plan based on their requirements.

Webincome at the end of 1999 got more positive response on its unusual idea for Free Internet Access and obtain a contract for $100 Million per month from 3 World Wide Advertising Agency , so now Webincome is able to offer this  plan to ISP's all over the World and invite Internet users to become members and be part of this exiting model. 

The first stage will  cover closed  to 5 Million Internet users( Home and Business ) who access Internet via a dial up connection with a Regular Modem ( 28k-56K); Cable Modem ( 1M-3M) , ISDN (  120K)  ; DSL ( 128K- 7M)  and T1 ( 1.5 M) in all the Countries of the World. We will apply " first come first serve"  principle to individually Internet Home users and Internet business users only and ISP's - you will need to plan accordingly.

Some  ISP's will be contacted by Webincome and they will be invited to sign in as members of Webincome.
Some ISP's will be informed by their users about our programs and they will need to come to our web site and get the Membership.  
Some of ISP's will find advertising from Webincome and they will be invited to join. 
And finally some ISP will not care about us and for them we can't do zilch. 

Online Frequent Asked Questions ( FAQ)   for Internet users in general , you may find more answers to your questions .

The ISP's will find a form on our web site and can apply to become members from their when their membership will be approved by Webincome they will need to inform their user about this Free Internet Access on their web site and make all the efforts for their Internet Users to know about our program and  become Member of Webincome. When Webincome will reach closed to 5,000,000 users that will be the time when this Membership for Internet Users will stop - is important for ISP's to understand this and plan for it.

The Internet users -Business and Home -  will be invited to sign as members for approval  and we will accept their membership for as long as their ISP will be a member of Webincome if not they can ask their ISP to sign in as a member or choose an ISP who is a member of Webincome. Webincome will pay the Internet Access for its Internet users Members directly to ISP's only .

There will be no banner on the Internet Users Browsers- Monitor. 




17011 Beach Blvd. Fl 900
Huntington Beach, CA 92647
Phone: 310-864-8594 or 949-480-8690
Fax : Please use the email. ( I think the Fax is history now)

http://www.nua.ie/surveys/?f=VS&art_id=905355392&rel=true - Extract from this link:
* Globally the group expect  to be 490 million users by 2002 and of that, US users will account for just under half.